Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Fish rustling

I've seen lots of busy bees in the crocuses while I've been gardening this week. The sunshine has really brought them out - both bees and crocuses, both. Unfortunately the spring weather has also brought an unwelcome visitor to local gardens: that secretive predator, the garden thief.

Yes, my outdoor pottering was marred by a neighbour coming to tell me about a string of thefts over the weekend. Tools, plants, and ladders have been taken from gardens along the street, and even the fish from someone's pond. I gather those big Koi Carp can fetch a good price.

Luckily our dog is quite a barker and is quick to let rip at any untoward noises. This is annoying when I'm trying to write, but he does make me feel a lot safer when I'm on my own at home.

The weather is set to change today and it looks like the rainclouds will chase me inside to finish off my current story. I can't believe I began that particular story almost two years ago. For some reason I could not settle myself to write the last couple of pages. Now, I don't know why, but it's just taken shape and I've sorted out in my own mind what it's all about. It will be such a relief not to have it hanging over me any more, and also my 'unfinished' file will be slightly slimmer.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, wherever you are.


Kate said...

It's always good to have a dog like that! And it's wonderful when an old idea finally ripens. All the best with it.

Joanna said...

Best of luck with the story. It must be lovely to have a dog for both companionship and security. Our three cats and miniature pony are not good at seeing off unwelcome visitors!

Suzanne Jones said...

All the best with the story.

Awful about the garden thief - but can you work it into a new story?


diane said...

Excellent that the muse has come back for that story, Joanne - it's a shame to waste a good (partial)work!

Not much sign of spring here, yet, although it's so dry - combo of no rain and long frozen season - that we're actually having wild fires in the countryside!

Never thought I'd be praying for rain - so you can send yours up here when you've finished with it, please...