Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Beautiful Blogger Awards

Often it's the small things that make me happiest. Finding a pound coin rattling round at the bottom of my bag. Chatting with the supermarket assistant about how broccoli looks like a tree. And, this week, receiving a Beautiful Blogger Award from Teresa Ashby at A Likely Story. It's on the top right of this page and it's very pretty, thank you.

Teresa has challenged me to pass on the award to ten other blogs. Which is harder than it sounds, actually. I haven't been in blogland as long as some, but I've got to know lots of bloggers who always have interesting things to say. A couple of the blogs I visit regularly have already appeared in Teresa's list of ten, but I just couldn't leave them out. So here in no order of preference are the latest recipients of a Beautiful Blogger Award:

L'Aussie at L'Aussie Writing

Kate at Trees Are Not Lollipops

Womagwriter at Women's Stories: Read, Write, Enjoy!

Old Kitty at Ten Lives and Second Chances

Pippa at The Old Bat

Helen at Fiction Is Stranger Than Fact

Sarah at Mercian Muse

Ruby Red Dog at A Red Dog in the Red Rocks

Joanna at Brightwriter60

Suzanne at Suzanne Jones

If those bloggers would like to spread the happiness around even further, they too can take up the challenge of passing on the award!


HelenMHunt said...

Ah thank you. That has cheered up my day!

Old Kitty said...


Isn't it just the case that the littlest things make one the happiest? A nice thank you and a smile as I open the door for someone or a really nice chat with the cashier at Waitrose! That's why I loathe those self-issue, self service machines that are popping up these days in supermarkets and libraries!

And thank you for nominating me for a really pretty award - and it is very pretty isn't it? I hope to spread such prettiness around even more!

Take care

Joanne Fox said...

You are both very welcome.

Old Kitty - do not even get me started on self service libraries! I may have to have a rant about them in the near future. x

Suzanne Jones said...

Aw, thank you Joanne - that made my day.

PS I've tagged you - details on my blog.


L'Aussie said...

Thank you Joanne. I am cheered by your gong! You're right, it is the small things that count and that you often remember.

L'Aussie said...

Thank you Joanne. The nicest thing that's happened to me in bloggsville yet!

Ruby's Mum said...

We're honored to receive the Beautiful Blogger award from you for Ruby's blog! Thanks.

Ruby's Mum

diane said...

Thanks for the blog recommendations, Joanne. I'll get round to visiting them all, honest...

womagwriter said...

Thanks for the award! Much appreciated.

Joanne Fox said...

You're welcome. x