Friday, 21 May 2010

What colour was your week?

A friend I clothes shop with often tells me she needs something in a certain colour. Not 'needs' in the sense of co-ordinating with the rest of her wardrobe. More 'needs' in that she just has to have that colour around her, as though it reflects how she is feeling or how she wants to feel. I know what she means. If I'm going into a situation where I want to be more confident I will wear red. Black is practical for work, but it drags me down. I am not buying anything new in black. For some reason lately I fancy something lilac, though it will clash with almost everything else I own. It's a shame yellow makes me look ill, because this week has definitely had a yellow theme.

This laburnum tree in my garden always has a good year followed by a bad one. Right now its long waterfalls of yellow flowers promise that this year will be spectacular.

My writing goes through good years and bad years too. 2009 was patchy, but 2010 has been pretty successful so far. Last week I was shortlisted in The Yellow Room magazine's spring competition, which was jolly nice. Not quite as nice as winning, but congratulations to those awarded prizes.

Around the garden two other plants have also caught my eye. Or should I say weeds? These splashy yellow poppies (left) come up everywhere.

And I probably shouldn't mention it with the Chelsea Flower Show starting next week, but I also have a healthy crop of dandelions. I do love their delicate seedheads, and can't bring myself to banish them completely from the garden. Beautiful, aren't they?


Old Kitty said...

Awww WELL DONE for being shortlisted!!! That's brilliant! A big yellow flower for you!

Yellow is a great colour - a field of buttercups is always a great view to see. As is one of dandelions - I will always remember that time in France (can't remember where - somewhere rural and pretty! LOL!) people were gathering dandelion leaves/flowers for salad - it was really amazing.

I'm into pinks at the moment. The pinker the better!

Take care

Joanne Fox said...

Have a lovely pink weekend! x

Teresa Ashby said...

Congratulations on being shortlisted :-)

It does seem to be a really good year for the dandelions doesn't it and I like them too.

Joanna said...

I love your yellow poppies! We have a strange occurrence of dandelion-clocks floating around in a snowstorm-ish way, The air is filled with them and they drift into the house. There are corners filled with them. They are in small pieces, but these eventually clump together when they land. Then they look like a mass of frog spawn. I left the bathroom window open all day and they came to rest on the wash basin. My daughter thought she was seeing spiders' eggs. I have no idea what is causing this, but it is just as though it is snowing dandelion seeds.

My colour is always red. I love red more than any other colour, but white is special too. White flowers are my favourite. But it's red for clothes.

Have a brilliant weekend!

Joanne Fox said...

There have been lots in the air here too Joanna, though ours don't seem quite as dramatic as yours!

bazza said...

Hi, Joanne. Did you catch the TV programme about Matisse this week? (Modern Masters, BBC). He used colour for emotional expression and changed the course of modern art (and clothes buying?).
I think weeds have a tough time - I suppose you could say that all wild flowers are weeds and some are quite beautiful.

Bob said...

Congratulations on being short-listed. I'm impressed.

I agree about the dandelions being beautiful.

By co-incidence my last two blog posts have been about colour.

Lilac is one of my favourite colours.

I never think about what colour I'm wearing. Maybe I should give it some thought!

Joanne Fox said...

Bazza, I didn't see that programme but it sounds interesting, thanks.
Bob I'm surprised you don't think about what colour you're wearing. I wonder if it's more of a girl thing?

I do believe colour can influence mood - but now I'll have to go and hunt down some evidence for this as I'm curious about how it can actually happen.

Suzanne Jones said...

Congratulations on being shortlisted. You should buy yourself something nice and colourful to celebrate.


Joanne Fox said...

Thanks Suzanne - as if I needed another excuse to spend money!

penandpaints said...

Congratulations Joanne!
I often think if it wasn't for the weeds, there would be no colour at all in my garden!
I also have 'snow drifts' of dandelion clocks all over the place, like Joanna! I love them though, so do the cats!