Monday, 18 October 2010

'Sweet Friends' award

Oh look, Ellie Garratt gave me a 'Sweet Friends' blog award! Thank you Ellie, I am highly honoured!

There are lots of people I have come to think of as friends since I started this blogging lark. In a moment I'll have to identify six of them to pass the award onto.

But first, as a condition of accepting this award, I have to tell you six things about my writing:

1. I could give up writing more easily than I could give up gardening.

2. When I'm writing I drink too much tea, but there are worse vices in life.

3. I have three different kinds of thesaurus and use them all.

4. I can only write first drafts in longhand, not on computer.

5. If I'm cold I can't concentrate. Other than that I can write almost anywhere.

6. I don't plan much, but I often cut out pictures from magazines that relate to the story that's in my mind.

And so (drum roll...) I now have to spread the lurve and give the 'Sweet Friends' award to another six people. If they would like to share six things about their writing, their blogging, their Olympic ambitions or whatever then please feel free to do so. If not... oh hell, just have the award!

1. Margo Berendsen at Writing at High Altitude

2. Laraine at Larainy Days

3. Karen at Get on with It

4. Bazza at To Discover Ice

5. Joanna Campbell at Brightwriter60

6. Teresa Ashby at A Likely Story


Teresa Ashby said...

Ohh thank you Joanne! I love awards! I'll do all the necessary later. I'm so chuffed! Oh and I can't concentrate to write when I'm cold either which I am today.
Thank you xx

klahanie said...

Hi Joanne,
Congratulations of receiving this highly coveted award. I like what you have submitted in regards to your writing. In my case, people have told me to give up writing and concentrate on gardening:-)
'thesaurus'? I think I saw one of those in the film, 'Jurassic Park'.
I shall check out your worthy recipients and Ellie Garratt, who obviously knows a great blog. So well done, you. Of course, I already know the illustrious bazza.
Have a peaceful and positive week.
With respect, Gary :-)

Talli Roland said...

Woo! Congrats on your award, and to those you've passed it on to! Happy Monday.

joanne fox said...

Aah, thank you all for visiting. Perhaps I should have ignored the 6 rule and just given the award to every kind and encouraging person in blogland - of which there are many!

Joanna said...

Thank you Joanne, that's a lovely compliment and I feel very honoured. I shall be thinking of my six things about writing while drinking a much needed glass of wine. Cheers!

Laraine Eddington said...

Thank you Joanne. I love awards, I love cheering crowds, I love being noticed! I love having a friend across the pond.

Old Kitty said...

Congratulations with your award!! Yay!! Oh I so agree about not being able to write when cold!! I too need my writing space warm!!! :-)I really like your method of cutting out pics from mags that represent a story you've thought of!! I tend to keep the whole magazine and then forget why I have such a stash of them! LOL!

Take care

Margo Berendsen said...

Thank you for the award! I love to visit Ellie, but I'm not familar with the other blogs you mentioned. I'll have to check them out!

bazza said...

"I am flattered and more than a little humbled" (that's what Richard Dawkins said to me when I praised his writing!)....
Thanks for placing me in such impressive company because I am not a writer. Now the good part is when I check those other sites out.

joanne fox said...

You are all very welcome and I hope you find something you like among my 6 selected blogs.

Hope you enjoyed the wine Joanna!

Bazza I think it would be enlightening if you told us 6 things about your blogging - particularly how you get all these famous people dropping in!

Karen said...

Oh thank you for the lovely award Joanne!

I can't imagine writing longhand these days, I've practically forgotten how :o)

Karen said...

... although since the advent of the "kitchen that still isn't finished" I have been nipping out to a local coffee shop a couple of days a week with a nice new notebook, which is good practice!

joanne fox said...

Welcome, Karen. Hope that kitchen will be finished soon! x

brokenbiro said...

Hi Joanne! Your post kind of answers the question I asked in my last one - It's all about flagging up good blogs for others to visit isn't it? And it brought me here so it must be good!

joanne fox said...

Thanks for visiting, Brokenbiro. I know people have different opinions on whether these blog award type things are a good idea or not. However I always find that I end up following at least one new blog as a result of them, and very often I gain a new follower too. Good news all round! x

Ellie said...

You deserved it, Joanne!

I'm like you with the little planning. I hate plotting, though I do tend to write longhand first.