Friday, 1 July 2011

Redwings Horse Sanctuary

I may not have had my writing head on much lately, but I've had some lovely trips out and about. I can always justify a day out on the grounds that it's research for a story I haven't decided to write yet.

Yesterday I took a friend to visit the Warwickshire branch of Redwings, a charity which does fantastic work in rescuing and rehoming horses that have been abandoned, neglected or abused. It was wonderful to see so many horses contentedly grazing...

and chomping... and while some clearly think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, it's obvious that Redwings is a great place to be.

You could just cry when you think of how much ill treatment horses have suffered at the hands of humans, but it's really heartening to see that even horses who have suffered can go on to enjoy happier lives with the right care and attention.

I think we'll visit again, and hopefully not get quite as lost as we did on the way home!


Old Kitty said...

Awwwwwww I used to visit Ada Cole Horse Sanctuary (now taken over by Redwings) when I lived in a different part of Herts and I loved that place so much. For a few years I "adopted" two of their donkeys - now both gone to the great big animal sanctuary in the sky!

It's heartbreaking reading how these horses and donkeys ended up there - but I'm just glad these sanctuaries exist to help them.

Yay for day trips and writerly research!! Take care

Joanna said...

Such a lovely day out.
I remember visiting a retirement home for horses in Buckinghamshire. It was wonderful to see them so well-looked after and contented. I can't bear to think what would happen to these beautiful animals without these places where they can enjoy their final days in peace. Some of them were over forty years old.
I think these days out are perfect for writerly research. I have just had a gorgeous stroll around a pretty little town just twenty minutes' drive away that I have never visited before. I went with my middle daughter and her fiancé. (They got engaged at their school prom two days ago!) They are perfect company and let me take them into an old-fashioned tea-shop, where there was plenty of scope for research! I love cafes and tea-shops. I love watching the people in them and deciding who they are going to turn into in my next story.

Rachna Chhabria said...

Redwings sounds wonderful. Its sad how humans treat animals and later discard them when they are past their prime. Have a lovely weekend.

Teresa Ashby said...

I went to Redwings last year (in Norfolk) - I know just what you mean. All the horses, ponies and donkeys look so happy and contented, but when you read about what they went through before they got there, it breaks your heart.
Lovely pictures - I could watch horses all day, beautiful animals.

Dream it, then do it said...

My wife has made donations in the past. Her horse died ten years ago now but she still receives the newsletter. They are lovely places.

penandpaints said...

That's lovely, it's so good to know there are places like this and people who care so much.
Talking of the grass is greener, on a walk the other day we came accross a sheep with her head stuck through a wire fence, happily chomping on some long grass on the other side. I really wasnt sure if she was stuck and didn't want to frighten her by getting too near, so I just hung around for ten minutes until she'd finished. She just calmly wriggled herself backwards and off she went, rather confused by my cheerful YAY!!!

joanne fox said...

Thank you all for comments. Sorry I am so behind with everyone else's blogs right now!