Friday, 18 April 2014

Happy Easter

Sorry I have been away from my blog so long. For several weeks during winter everyone was ill, one after another, myself included. Writing was the last thing on my mind, and it took a while for things to settle back down.

Anyway, here I am to tell the tale. Writing again, gardening, sewing, walking the Big H, and trying to catch up with all your news. I sold a couple of stories to My Weekly, and every so often I go back to my historical 'thing' and do a bit on that.

For Christmas I decided to replace my forty year old sewing machine. My new one didn't come with a cover, and the ones you can buy aren't very pretty, so I made my own. I have a book on how to make patchwork bags, so adapted a pattern out of that. Please note the two polka dot buttons I found on the market, to finish off the handle! They were a perfect match with the red polka dot fabric, and I was so pleased with them

Then I stitched twenty-one patchwork stars and Christmas trees to make into a garland. It took me until April to make all the little shapes! Here are some of them.

To make sure all the shapes were hanging evenly on the cord, I strung it up across the beam in our lounge before stitching them on. My newish neighbour was cutting her grass at the time, and had a wonderful view of me from her garden. So now she thinks I put my Christmas decorations up for Easter. As if she needed further evidence of my oddness.

I have to confess to a senior moment last autumn, when I thoroughly embarrassed myself in front of her. Her garage is right next to ours. She had her garage doors open, because she was cleaning her car. I had just popped out to the front garden, for some reason that I now forget. And instead of walking back into my own garage - you guessed it - I walked straight into hers! After a second's confusion I realised why everything looked so different. I burst forth like Basil Fawlty, trying to find some plausible excuse for being in entirely the wrong place, but inwardly mortified. I still have to smile when I think of it. Oh well.

On another tack, I have never seen so many bats as I have this spring. Is it because we had a mild winter? They are very small and very fast. I sit on the sofa and watch them appear at twilight, zipping and swooping like swallows. Hope they are not roosting in our loft, but am too nervous to stick my head up through the hatch to investigate!

Isn't it lovely to have better weather? I've been gadding here and there, with a birthday trip to Evita, a canal walk, various lunches in various places, and lots of general pottering.

Wishing you all a happy Easter - and don't skimp on the chocolate.


Old Kitty said...

Wonderful Joanne! I LOVE your "senior" moment! LOL!! Oh dear! All I can say is that you have one lucky privileged neighbour to have you! Never a dull moment!!

Awww but your talents are endless and boundless!! That sewing machine cover is so so so pretty and the patchwork stars and trees are adorable! And you sold stories to My Weekly! WELL DONE YOU!

Glad you've left winter illnesses behind! Enjoy your up coming events and yay for the weather!

Skimp on chocolate!?!? Over Easter!?!? Banish the thought immediately!

Happy Easter! Take care

joanne fox said...

Thank you Old Kitty. Your enthusiasm is as boundless as ever, and very refreshing!

Joanna said...

I've so enjoyed your post, Joanne.It's lovely to hear your news. Massive congratulations on the sales to My Weekly! That's fabulous news.

And your sewing-machine cover and garland are both absolutely beautiful! I so admire people who can sew and be creative in that way. My mother used to try to teach me, but I never had the talent or patience.

I so sympathise with the walking into the wrong garage. That is exactly the sort of thing that happens to me too. Maybe it's because our writerly minds are constantly working and detaching us a little from reality. It really made me smile - especially the neighbour thinking you might be putting up Christmas decorations at Easter!

I'm so glad the illnesses have cleared up, Joanne, and that you're busy writing and making sales.

Thanks for a lovely post and Happy Easter! xxx

joanne fox said...

Thank you Joanna. I am rather a Jack of all trades, I'm afraid, but gain a lot of pleasure from all my interests.

A writerly mind? Oh, yes, definitely - if it gives me an excuse for my mental detachment! x

Wendy's Writing said...

You are so lucky being able to sew, Joanna, the sewing machine cover looks amazing. I am rubbish at anything that involves a needle.

joanne fox said...

Wendy, I was lucky that my grandmother taught me everything like that, and I've always enjoyed it. You, on the other hand, can jive! x

Teresa Ashby said...

I love your sewing machine cover! It's beautiful. Mine is in a box, but I have a big carrier bag upside down over the top to stop dust getting in - very pretty, not!

It's lovely to see you back - you've been missed. Had a giggle at your senior moment. I'd know if I walked into the wrong garage because you need a compass and ropes to get into mine!

Happy Easter x

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Lovely to read your post, Joanne. That cover is amazing and well done on the stories. Have a lovely, healthy Easter.

joanne fox said...

Teresa - bless you. The Sewing Bee has a lot to answer for! x

Rosemary - thank you, and I hope you have a happy Easter too. x

Biddy Fraser said...

These are super, Jo. I love that sewing machine cover and I want one, foot stomp! So better get cracking myself. Actually, I could do with a cover for the big mixer in my kitchen (This is not a hint by the way). Lovely.

Have just noticed the piccie of Harvey too. Jush sho cute!


joanne fox said...

Bet you could figure out how to make a cover for your mixer. Just think of a box shape really, adjusting to fit as necessary. x

bazza said...

Hi Joanne. Nice to hear from you again. You are obviously multi-talented! There is lot of real satisfaction to be had from creating something physical as well as your writing. Congrats on your writing success by the way.
Regards, Bazza.
CLICK HERE for Bazza’s fabulous Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

joanne fox said...

Thank you Bazza. Unfortunately my urge to start things is always greater than my urge to finish them! But, yes it's very satisfying to see an end product, whatever it is. Happy Easter.

unikorna said...

Happy Easter to you too!!!!!Loveeee

joanne fox said...

Thank you Unikorna. Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

Sharon Bradshaw said...

Welcome back, Jo. I'm pleased all is well again, and I love your sewing!! It's beautiful - you're very talented. Congratulations too on the My Weekly sales and continuing to do the bits to your novel. I can't wait to get back to the Monk's story but have been waylaid this month by the A-Z Blog Challenge. It's been hectic, but lots of fun. I'm tempted now by NaNoWriMo but it depends on where I am with Durstan. I hope we can meet soon for coffee. Happy Easter! x

joanne fox said...

Thank you Sharon. Nanawrimo is great and really pushes you. I'm sure you would enjoy that challenge too. Just let me know when times are quieter and we'll get together. x

Dream it, then do it said...

Good to see you back, Joanne.

Maria said...

I love your Christmas decorations. They will look brilliant!

Sewing seems to be very popular all of a sudden. I'm quite useless at it unfortunately.

joanne fox said...

Keith - thanks, I will try not to leave it so long next time.

Maria - the Great British Sewing Bee has prompted quite a revival, it seems. Can't wait for the next series.