Sunday, 14 December 2014

Bears, wolves, and a bit more sewing.

I think it must be Christmas. A giant, slightly scary bear has appeared in our local shopping centre.
November never seems to be a good month for us. This one was no different, and passed in a blur. Harvey has been diagnosed with a kind of dog dementia, presenting us with some new and unusual behaviours. We have been up at all hours of the night, Harvey wanting to do strange things at even stranger times.

It all reminded me of an elderly couple I looked after many years ago. I used to stay with them overnight, because they would try to go out shopping at 3a.m. This was long before the days of 24 hour opening. I had to keep their house keys in my shoe, knowing that if they couldn't find they keys they would eventually give up and go back to bed. They were lovely really, and it was so sad.

Anyway, with various changes of routine we've managed to get Harvey more settled. He is very well and happy in himself, and has been getting in touch with his inner wolf. This week he ate a bird in the garden, feathers and all. Whatever is going on in his brain it's clear his digestion is as robust as always.

My concentration has been dreadful, so I haven't been reading or writing much. One of the best things this year is that I've totally fallen in love with sewing again. Yesterday I went on a course at Stitch Solihull where I made this!

Sorry the photo is looking slightly grainy. My camera hasn't been quite right lately either. I think I changed the settings and now I can't get them back. Actually, if you click on the photo to see it bigger then it's a lot better. I wonder why that is. Oh well - the course was great and I sense a purse making frenzy coming on!

If I'm not back in blogland before Christmas, I hope you all have a merry one.


Rosemary Gemmell said...

What a lovely post, Joanne, although I'm sorry to hear about Harvey. It does sound as though you're managing to cope and I love the image of his inner wolf! I do love your purse too - it looks very professional. I used to enjoy sewing at one time but haven't done any except mending for ages. Good for you doing a course!

Teresa Ashby said...

I love the purse! It looks so professional. And the bear is just cute!

I'm so sorry about Harvey. No wonder you haven't been able to concentrate. My daughter found that Aktivait helped when her dog began showing signs of doggy dementia. However, as you say with Harvey, they seem to be quite happy in themselves and unaware that anything is wrong and that's the main thing isn't it xx

joanne fox said...

Teresa and Rosemary - thank you. I was amazed that our purses came out so well, for our first attempts.

Teresa, I will look into the Aktivait too, thanks.

Joanna said...

I am sorry to hear about Harvey, Joanne, but glad he is content and still eating. It must have been exhausting for you to get up at odd times of the night.

I absolutely love your purse - so beautifully made and such pretty material.

Have a very happy Christmas and best wishes for the New

Nicola said...

What a fabulous purse and the picture looks fine the way it is, Joanne. I am a little envious of people who can sew and knit. It looks such a peacful and relaxing activity. I am useless at it :( I do hope the adjustments in life bring about more happy times with Harvey. Dementia is a difficult condition to adjust to, for all concerned. But it can be done :)
All the best and I wish you a wonderful Christmas.

Wendy's Writing said...

I am very envious of anyone who can sow, Joanne. I had to make a sheep glove puppet out of a sock recently... oh dear!

joanne fox said...

Joanna - it was a very tiring phase for all concerned, but (touch wood) we seem back to having settled nights again at the moment.

Nicola - sewing is very relaxing for me, and knitting too, though my left thumb now gives me a lot of pain if I try to knit too much.

I hope you both have wonderful Christmastimes too. x

joanne fox said...

Wendy - you're never too old to learn something new!

Angela Pickering said...

Hi Jo, I've just caught up with your blog. Where have I been? Dunno! But yes, the purse is lovely and such pretty material.
I hope you're all well after the excesses of Christmas (or was that just me?)
Happy New Year! x

joanne fox said...

Thank you, Angela, and "Happy New Year!" Lovely little picture of your Hannah there. x

Biddy Fraser said...

Jo, that is one fantastic purse! (I also love the polar bear). What a clever lady you are - and a writer too!

This is a lovely blog.


joanne fox said...

Thank you, Bid. I Have more purse frames now in different sizes, and can't wait to make them up.