Sunday, 14 February 2010

100 Stories for Haiti

In common with many other people, I felt helpless watching the news reports about the earthquake in Haiti last month. What is it like to lose everything you have - not just home and possessions, but family, friends and neighbours? How do you go from living your normal everyday life one minute, to scratching about for the basic means of survival the next? Most of us probably cannot begin to imagine that. And what can we do, except drop a few coins into a collecting tin if we can afford it? Somehow this just doesn't feel enough.

But faced with any disaster, there are always those who respond using their own talents to raise money. Singers sing. Artists draw. Writers write. And one writer who saw a way to help was Greg McQueen.

In the past few weeks Greg and his fantastic team have put together a book project in aid of the Red Cross relief effort. 100 Stories for Haiti will be published on March 4th, but is now available to pre-order from the website below. A diverse range of writers contributed short stories (myself included). None of the stories is over 1,000 words long, which makes the book ideal reading in our fast paced world. You can read a story on the train. You can read one in your lunchbreak. You can give the book as a gift to someone else. You can tell your friends about it. Whatever you do you will have played your own small part in supporting a truly worthwhile cause.

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