Friday, 19 February 2010

Have you seen my concentration?

Missing from home: concentration.

It's a small, jumpy creature with wings like an eagle and ears like a bat.

Loves peace and quiet on account of its sensitive hearing. Also fond of Yorkshire Tea, brand new pads of A4 paper, a fresh idea, the colour blue.

Hates barking dogs and dustmen (the two being often connected). Easily disturbed by more than 10 minutes Internet activity, surprises, running out of milk, and having workmen in the house.

Concentration is itself a noiseless creature. Therefore it can easily sneak away unnoticed, leaving only its footprints in the snow.

Should you find my concentration, please return to:

The Rocking Chair,
Bookworm House,
United Queendom.



Teresa Ashby said...

I love your description of concentration - I've never thought about what it looks like before. If mine ever returns I'll have to have a look at it ;-)

Joanne Fox said...

Perhaps it's in the same place as mine - hibernating maybe?

Suzanne Jones said...

Mine's gone missing, too. :-(

Francine said...


I thought I'd stumbled on a poetess!

Great piece of writing.

I'm on roll this morning travelling around from blog to blog (fellow writers), and it's a bit like cruising along narrow lanes bathed in sunshine one minute, dappled shade the next, high banks draped with wild flowers. Thought I heard something fly past but couldn't see anything. Maybe it was that elusive cancentration thingy!



Joanne Fox said...

Thanks for visiting, Francine, and also your lovely comments. Poetry? I just wouldn't know where to start! Haven't written it since school, though I do enjoy reading it. x

Liane said...

Jo, I love this. Thank you. You've given me a wonderful grin. Great stuff. x

Liane said...

Love it, love it, love it. x

Joanne Fox said...

Cheers Liane. Thanks for visiting. x