Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Reader's Digest

I was shocked to hear that the UK edition of Reader's Digest has gone into administration today. I admit I've never subscribed, but according to the BBC over 500,000 people did. It sounds a lot of subscribers to me, but apparently numbers had dropped hugely in recent years, leaving Reader's Digest with a hole in its pensions pot.

A fanatical reader all my life, I would always read anything rather than nothing. I remember going on holiday as a child to seaside B and Bs where dog-eared copies of Reader's Digest were the only reading matter available. Once I'd run through my stash of books or comics, I'd move onto the Reader's Digests, and became quite familiar with its distinctive mixture: 'Laughter's the Best Medicine', 'Life's Like That', and the odd funny cartoon alongside more serious articles or interviews.

So many famous brands have disappeared lately - Woolworths, Borders, several holiday firms, and one of my own favourite shops, The Pier. I do hope a solution will be found to the Reader's Digest crisis. Wouldn't it be sad to lose it?

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Teresa Ashby said...

It is a shame when we lose things like this. There's nothing else quite like Reader's Digest is there.