Sunday, 21 February 2010


I learnt a new word today: Galanthophile - someone who loves snowdrops.

Some people say it's unlucky to bring snowdrops indoors. Presumably they are not Galanthophiles. Courting danger I may be, but I buy a pot of snowdrops every year for my desk.

We had snow again here over the past couple of days. This winter has chilled me to the bone, and never have I coughed and sneezed so much. But signs of spring are appearing, and are as welcome as the final whistle when your team is one goal ahead in the last minutes of the game.

Snowdrops look wonderful as a big drift under trees, but in my garden they tend to get lost in the undergrowth. Either that, or trampled by a heavyweight Golden Retriever. I'll carry on enjoying snowdrops in the house for their fleeting glory. Every year when my new pot of snowdrops finishes flowering I add it to the cluster in my garden. Will I ever end up with one of those carpets of white that lifts your mood on a dark winter's day? Maybe not, but my desk is always a little bit brighter.


Teresa Ashby said...

I love snowdrops (very interesting that you've found a word for lovers of snowdrops) but I'd never heard that it was unlucky to bring them in the house.
I can't remember a winter like this one with so many endless colds going round - roll on spring!

Joanne Fox said...

Yes, I'd just love it to be warm enough to go out in a T shirt, instead of bundled up like a Michelin man (or woman!). x

Suzanne Jones said...

I hadn't heard they were unlucky in the house, either. But they are lovely.

Know what you mean about being cold. I'm really fed up of it now. I've taken to carrying a hot water bottle with me wherever I go (even in the car).

Joanne Fox said...

Snow here again today! I love my hot water bottle Suzanne. x