Sunday, 9 December 2012

Still here...

Sorry I am not around in Blogland so much lately. My energy always takes a dip during the November darkness, but picks up a bit as Christmas approaches. I ventured out of my hermit's cave this week, to visit Birmingham's German Christmas market. The bull in the Bullring is all ready for a fancy dress party. In fact, he's so excited that he's been penned in with a sturdy red rope to prevent escape!

The market is full of pretty things, as always. I think I will have to go in again before Christmas to have another look at the beautiful coloured glass. I usually come away wishing I'd bought more. But then, it's not very practical to collect coloured glass with a large dog in the house.

Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas preparations.

Some people seem to be shopping like maniacs, while others queue at the many food banks that seem to be springing up around our towns and cities. Strange world.