Monday, 21 January 2013


There are some things snow is good for. Dogs digging...
Changing everyday places into spooky, shadowy spots that you're a little unsure about venturing into...
And making you really appreciate the dashes of colour you stumble across in the white, white, landscape.

But I'm slightly bored with it all now, and would be quite happy for life to return to normal. However... Big excitement! I've just seen the postman walk up the street. Maybe he'll bring me something nice. Like snowshoes.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Harvey's Christmas crisis

Harvey here to wish you all a yappy New Year!

Mr and Mrs Boss sneezed and sniffed their way through Christmas, as if there was no end to the supply of tissues. To round things off the three of us made an emergency visit to the vet's last weekend, after I had an altercation with a piece of wood in the park.

A nice tasty piece of wood it was too. I was just getting my teeth into it for a really good chew, when, quite unprovoked, a lump of it wedged itself across the roof of my mouth. Jammed fast between my molars, it was. Pesky thing.

Mr and Mrs Boss couldn't fix it, so off we went in the car. The vet had a peer between my jaws, stuck a needle in me, and my eyes grew heavier and heavier. When I woke up, the wood was gone. I was all staggery on my legs, like Mrs Boss when she's drunk too much. And they didn't even let me keep the piece of wood as a souvenir. That was pretty strange, since Mr Boss kept saying what a very expensive piece of wood it was.

Mr Boss says my New Year's Resolution should be to stop eating wood. Mrs Boss says hers is to write more poetry. Sounds like a fun filled year, then. I can hardly wait.